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    I did a post occupancy walk through this week with a client that just relocated to new space.   We moved their sound masking and paging system to the new and larger space.

    We phased our work to match the construction of the new space.  We went into the old space after hours and pulled the sound masking speakers from above the plenum and moved them to the new building for installation.  We timed the removal of the speakers to be as late as possible so that the occupants would not be without sound masking any longer than necessary.

    As I walked through the new space with the client, she told me what a change it was in the old space to have the sound masking removed.  After having it for some time, they grew accustomed to not hearing conversations in the surrounding areas.  After the system was taken out, she could hear “everything”.  Many employees also inquired as to why it had gotten so noisy.  She is now happy to be in the new space with the sound masking back in action.

    We enjoy the work that we do.  It is very rewarding to get such strong feedback from our clients.

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