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  • Workplace Acoustics Saves Client $5 per square foot on Construction:

    I talked with one of our national clients this week.  They are a law firm with offices across the country.

    They have typically used sound masking in their reception areas and conference rooms to protect confidential conversations.

    Commercial lease rates are rising across the country and TI budgets are shrinking.  This has caused our client to look at changing standards.  The usual standard is to build all office walls from the floor to the underside of the structure.

    On a current 8,500 square foot project, they decided to do a value-engineering experiment.

    The cost savings of building all office walls to 6” above the ceiling grid and adding sound masking for privacy will save them over $5.00 per square foot on the build out.

    Workplace Acoustics in action!

    Learn more by reading our article :  Achieve privacy in law, medical space.  You can find it in The Reading Room tab:

    Workplace Acoustics


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