Sound Masking Systems
in Washington, D.C.


Since 2008, ADI Acoustics has been delivering high performing sound masking systems in Washington, DC. We specialize in unobtrusive background sound to cover the sounds of surrounding noise.

In a commercial or government building, it is common to experience little to virtually no background sound. Our sound masking systems increase background sound using a precisely tuned sound, commonly described as similar to soft rushing air.

One prominent recent project is the GSA Headquarters Building at 1800 F Street. ADI Acoustics was initially selected to design and install a sound masking system in approximately half of this historic 100 year old 8 story building.


GSA 1 GSA 7th GSA2


The building was gutted and remodeled to server a new working style for the Federal Government.   Offices are nowhere to be seen in this wide open workplace. ADI Acoustics subsequently expanded the system to the “Refresh” side of the building.  Sound masking is provided through approximately 800,000 square feet of office space.

Sound masking provides the ability to have multiple teams working in a collaborative setting while allowing focus work nearby. Contact ADI Acoustics today to discuss your needs for sound masking in Washington, D.C. or surrounding areas:

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